Album : 1986-present
yeartitleincluding hits/Comments
1986Magnetic HeavenRight Between Eyes, Ball And Chain
1987American EnglishBridge To Your Heart,
1989A Hundred Thusand In Fresh NotesAnchors Aweigh, Wherever You Are
1997The Wax FilesUK, JPN
1998Common Knowledge ComUK
2000BikiniMail order only rarity album
1996Wax Work : the best ofUK only

Graham Gouldman
Solo works
yeartitleincluding hits/Comments
1968Graham Gouldman Thing
1982Sunburn (soundtrack : 45)
1982Sunburn (soundtrack : 45)
2000And Another Thing

Andrew Gold
yeartitleincluding hits/Comments
1975Andrew GoldAndrew Gold Solo
1976What's Wrong With This PictureAndrew Gold Solo
1978All this And Heaven TooAndrew Gold Solo
1979WhirlwindAndrew Gold Solo
1982Ten Out Of 10 [USA ver]10CC
1984Common KnowledgeCommon Knowledge
1986Magnetic HeavenWAX
1987American EnglishWAX
1989A Hundred Thusand In Fresh NotesWAX
1991Home Is Where The Heart IsAndrew Gold
1994BryndleAndrew Gold
1996...Since 1951Andrew Gold
1996Halloween HowlsAndrew Gold
1997Thank You For Being A Friend (Best)Andrew Gold
1997The Best Of Andrew GoldAndrew Gold
1997 Greeting From Planet Love
[by The Fraternal Order Of All]
Andrew Gold
1998Common Knowledge ComWAX/Common Knowledge
1999Warm BreezeReissue"Home Is Where The Heart Is"
2000The Spencer Manor Suite

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