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Original Albums : 1972-1995
yeartitleincluding hits / comments
Rubber Bullets, Donna
1974Sheet Music
The Wall Street Shuffle, Silly Love
1975The Original Soundtrack
I'm Not In Love, Life Is A Minestrone
1976How Dare You!Art For Arts Sake, I'm Mandy Fly Me
1977Deceptive BendsThe Things We Do For Love
1977Live And Let LiveLive from UK 1977 tour
1978Bloody TouristDreadlock Holiday, Reds In My Bed
1980Look Hear?1-2-5, It Doesn't Matter At All
1981Ten Out Of 10Memories, Les Nouveaux Richies
1983Windows In The Jungle24 Hours, Food For Thought
1992MeanwhileWoman In Love
1993AliveLive in Japan 1993
1995Mirror MirrorReady To Go Home, I'm Not Not Love(remix)
1995King Biscuit Flower HourLive from US tour 1975
Defferent Order
1981Ten Out Of 10 (US version)Memories, Les Nouveaux Richies
1995Mirror Mirror (UK, US version)Ready To Go Home, I'm Not Not Love(remix)

LP : Compilations
1975100cc / Greatest Hits of 10cc11 songs : UK, EU, JPN format
1975100cc [US]10 songs : US, Canada format
1978The Songs We Do For LoveJPN only
1978?1975-1977 [NL]*select from OST, HWDY, DB
1978?Motive [GER]* same as "1975-1977"
1983?Historia De La Musica Rock* same as "1975-1977"
1979Tropical & LoveJPN only
1983Dreadlock Holiday [NL]NL only
1979ProfilesNL only
1985The Complete Hits [NL]NL only
CD : Compilations
1979Greatest Hits 1972-1978UK, US, EU, JPN
1987Changing FacesUK, US, EU, JPN
1990The Things We Do For Love [JPN]JPN
1990A Decade Of Hits [AUS]AUS
1991Great Box [JPN]4CD set incl. rare tracks (Out of print)
1991Very Best Of 10cc (and G&C)UK
1993Early YearsEU
1993The Best Of Early YearsEU
1993Food For Thought [GER]GER
199510cc BEST HITS : I'm Not In Love [JPN]JPN (Mail order only)
1997Greatest Hits And More [NL]NL
1997The Very Best Of 10cc [UK]UK, JPN
1997The Very Best Of 10cc [US]US
1998Master Series [UK]UK
1998The Singles [US]US
1998The Things We Do For Love [US]US
CD : Reissues
1989The Collection10cc & Sheet Music
198920 Greatest Hits10cc & Sheet Music
1989Greatest Hits10cc & Sheet Music
1990Two Classic Albums By 10CC10cc & Sheet Music + 1 song
1992Castle Master Collection15 songs from "10cc & Sheet Music""
1992Hits14 songs from "10cc & Sheet Music""
1995Rock & Pop Legendssame as "Hits"
????I'm Not In Lovereissue of Mirror Mirror<UK 14songs>
????10CCreissue of Mirror Mirror<UK 14songs>
????Alive1 CD/select from Alive
????10CC in Concert vol.1Reissue of Alive <different order>
????10CC in Concert vol.2Reissue of Alive <different order>
????10CC in Concert2CD Reissue of Alive <different order>

1976Going Pink On PurposeLP : Live in Santa Monica 1975, etc
1992Cold Outside Warm InhereCD : Live in Montreal 1978
1996Bloody Tourist TourCD : Live in Montreal 1978
1998Life Is A MinestroneCD : Live in London 1977, etc
1999Play And Let Play CD : Live in Tokyo 1977

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