Garaham Gouldman
    LP released : 4/1980CD reissue : never released
    UK LPMercury : 9109 630Japan LPMercury : RJ-7676

April 1980, Graham Gouldman and Eric Stewart released each solo project(soundtrack album).
This Graham's album was original soundtrack from TV cartoon movie 'Anymalympics',
recorded with members of 10cc (without Eric Stewart).
Track list Singles Parsonel

Track list

A1ゴー・フォー・イット〜めざせ栄光Gor For It3:34 Graham
2水中のファンタジーUnderwater Fantasy3:17
3アウェイ・フロム・イット・オール〜愛のテーマAway From It All2:32
4負け犬Bone To Lose4:04
5前夜祭Kit Mambo4:37
2ラブ・イズ・ノット・フォー・ミーLove's Not For Me (Rene's Song)2:42
3愛の長距離ランナーWith You I Can Run Forever4:03
4バイオニック・ボアBionic Boar3:33
5ぼく達の栄冠〜フィナーレWe've Made It To The Top3:52
British single from this album
Mercury : MER 7
Love's Not For Me (Rene's Song)
Bionic Boar

Musicains : Graham Gouldman, Rick Fenn, Duncun Mackay, Paul Bergess, Stuart Tosh Personel
1Go For ItGrahamLead vocal, Bass Guitar, Lead guitar, Backing vocal, Percussion
RickElectric guitar, Backing vocals
DuncunClavinet, Yamaha CS80
PaulDrums, Percussion
StartBacking vocals
2Underwater FantasyGrahamLead vocal, Bass Guitar,Electric guitar, Backing vocal, Percussion
RickLead guitar, Backing vocals
PaulDrums, Percussion
StartBacking vocals
3Away From It AllGraham Lead vocal, Acoustic guitar, Percussion, Backing vocal,
Electric guitar
Orchestra arranged and conducted by Jimmy Haskell
4Born To LoseGrahamLead vocal, Bass Guitar, Acoustic guitar, Percussion
RickElectric guitar, Acoustic guitar, Backing vocals
DuncanOrgan, Electric piano, Yamaha CS80
PaulDrums, Percussion
5Kit Mambo (instruments)GrahamVocals, Bass guitar, Electric guitars
PaulDrums, Percussion
6Z.O.O. (instuments)GrahamAcoustic guitar, Electric guitars
RickLead guitars
Orchestra arranged and conducted by Jimmy Haskell
7 Love's Not For Me
(Rene's Song)
GrahamLead vocal, Bass guitar, Acoustic guitars, Backing vocals
Mike Timony : Accoudian
Orchestra arranged and conducted by Jimmy Haskell
8 With You
I Can Run Forever
GrahamLead vocal, Bass guitar, Electric guitars, Acoustic guitar
RickLead guitars, Fretless bass
DuncunYamaha CS80
PaulDrums, Percussion
9Bionic Boar (instruments)DuncunAll sounds
10We've Made It To The TopGrahamLead vocal, Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar, Backing vocals
RickBacking vocals
DuncanBacking vocals
StewartBacking vocals
Orchestra arranged and conducted by Jimmy Haskell
Other credit All songs written and performed by Garaham Gouldman. Produced and Arrenged by Graham Gouldman. Recoded at Strawberry Recording Studio South, Strawberry Studio North and A&M records, Los Angels. Engineers : Tony Spath, Larry Faulkner, Chris Nagel & Alan Banson. Mix Down : Tony Spath. Orchestral Arrangements by Jimmy Haskell Concert Master in L.A. : Sid Sharp Thanks : Harvey Lisberg, Steven Lisberger, Donald Kushner, Zeb White, Jimmy Simpsons, Polly Bergess, Steve Cooksey, Ann. 1/2 Speed Mastering : Melvin Abrahams at Strawberry Mastering, London, England.

copyright : Kazuo Nakajima 1998