10cc compilation
    The Things We Do For Love
    US issue

    released : 1998 Sep
    US CDPolyGram : 314 520 514-2
    On sale
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Very good price, about 5 Dollars US compilation released 1998 September.
Track oredr ... in not very good.

Track list
1The Things We Do For Love3:32album1977
2Life is a Minestrone4:40album1975
3Art For Art's Sake4:12single edit1975
4Lazy Ways4:18single edit1976
5For You And I5:18album1978
6Good Morning Judge2:54album1977
7Get It While You Can2:54The B sides1975
8Hot To Trot4:281976
9Channel Swimmer2:481975
10Don't Squeeze Me Like Toothpasthe3:391977
11I'm So Laid Back I'm Laid Down3:461977

Total playing time 42:32

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copyright : Kazuo Nakajima 1998