Master Series : 10cc
    released : 1998
    UK CDMercury 536 896-2
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Track list Credit
18 songs UK compilation taken from 4 remastered CD. Booklet(not backcover) listed
"I'm Mandy, Fly Me" is edited version, but it is mis-writing. It was full length version.
You can find "I'm Mandy /edited version" on The Very Best Of 10cc USA version.

Track list
taken from
1Dreadlock Holiday(long version)4:58Bloody Tourist
2The Things we Do For Love3:19Deceptive Bends
3I'm Mandy Fly Me4:37How Dare You!
4I'm Not In Love6:00The Original Soundtrack
5Good Morning Judge2:52Deceptive Bends
6Channel Swimmer2:50* B side of 45
7I'm So Laid Back, I'm Laid Out3;48* B side of 45
8Good News3;48* B side of 45
9Reds In My Bed4;06Bllody Tourist
10Honeymoon With 'B' Troop2;47Deceptive Bends
11Don't Squeeze Me Like Toothpaste3;42* B side of 45
12Blackmail4;24The Original Soundtarck
13I Wanna Rule The World3;58How Dare You!
14Marrige Bureau Rendezvous4;03Deceptive Bends
15Hot To Trot4;26* B side of 45
16For You And I5;17Bloody Tourist
17Nothing Can Move Me4;04* B side of 45
18People In Love3;45Deceptive Bends

Total playing time ****

Producer, compiler name were not listed.
(C) 1998 Mercury Records Ltd.(London)

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copyright : Kazuo Nakajima 1999