10cc compialtion
    Great Box
    The Greatest Songs And Mor

    released : 1991/06/25
    Japan / 4CD setMercury PHCR-3153/6
    Limited edition. out of print.
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Track list : Credit
Great Box series was Nippon Phonogram/Mercury Co.'s 20th anniversary
limited 4 CD box set edition. Not only 10cc, also released Elton John,
Rod Stewart, Bon Jovi, Ohio Players, Dire Straits and more.
10cc's Great Box was compiled by Hideyo Itoh, including 72 songs.
(update 1999/01/16)

Track list
Disc 1-4

Disc 1
Mercury PHCR-3153
Total playing time 57:54
1Donna2:56single mixGodley, Creme
2Rubber Bullets4:41single editGodley, Creme, Gouldman
3The Dean And I2:52single editGodley, Creme
4The Wall Street Shuffle3:51LPStewart, Gouldman
5Silly Love3:14fast fadeStewart, Creme
6Life Is A Minestrone4:41LPCreme, Stewart
7Channel Swimmer4:48B side of 45Godley, Gouldman
8I'm Not In Love6:02LPGouldman, Stewart
9Good News3:45B side of 45Godley, Creme
10 The Second Sitting
For The Last Supper
4:22LP Godley, Creme,
Gouldman, Stewart
11Black Mail4:26Gouldman, Stewart
1. One Night in Paris
2. Same Night in Paris
3. Later The Same Night in Paris
8:38Godley, Creme
13The Film Of My Love5:01Godley, Creme

Disc 2
Mercury PHCR-3154
Total playing time 59:35
1Art For Art's Sake5:59Stewart, Gouldman
2Get It While You Can2:54B side of 45Stewart, Gouldman
3I'm Mandy, Fly Me5:20LPStewart, Gouldman,Creme
4I Wanna Rule The World3:56Creme, Godley, Gouldman
5Rock'n'Roll Lullaby3:58Gouldman, Stewart
6Don't Hung Up6:18Godley, Creme
7The Things We Do For Love3:28Stewart, Gouldman
8Hot To Trot4:26B side of 45Stewart, Gouldman
9Good Morning Judge2:53LPStewart, Gouldman
10 Don't Squeeze Me
Like Tooth Paste
3:41B side of 45Stewart, Gouldman
11People In Love3:44LPStewart, Gouldman
12I'm So Laid Back, I'm Laid Out3:45B side of 45Stewart, Gouldman
13Marriage Bureau Rendezvous4:03LPStewart, Gouldman
14Honeymoon With B Troop2:45Live 1977Stewart, Gouldman
15I Bought A Flat Guitar Tuitor1:45LPStewart, Gouldman

Disc 3
Mercury PHCR-3155
Total playing time 64:15
1The Things we Do For Love3:44 Live 1977
taken from
Live And
Let Live
Stewart, Gouldman
2 Ships Don't Disappear In
The Night(Do They?)
7:36Stewart, Gouldman
3I'm Mandy, Fly Me5:26Stewart, Gouldman, Creme
4Waterfall7:25Stewart, Gouldman
5Dreadlock Holiday4:29LPStewart, Gouldman
6Nothing Can Move Me4:03B side of 45Stewart, Gouldman
7Reds In My Bed4:08LPStewart, Tosh
8Take These Chains2:36Stewart, Gouldman
9For You And I5:18Stewart, Gouldman
10From Rochdale To Ocho Rios3:42Gouldman
11One-Two-Five5:10Stewart, Gouldman
12Only Child3:14B side of 45Stewart, Gouldman
13It Doesn't Matter At All4:00LPStewart, Gouldman
14I Hate Eat Alone2:54Gouldman

Disc 4
Mercury PHCR-3156
Total playing time 63:39
1Les Nouveaux Richies5:09Stewart
2Don't Turn Me Away5:00Stewart
3Tomorrow's World Today3:13B side of 45Gouldman
4Memories4:26UK versionStewart, Gouldman
5The Power Of Love4:13UK SingleStewart, Gouldman, Gold
6You're Coming Home Again4:27B side of 45Stewart
7Run Away4:02UK SingleStewart, Gouldman, Gold
8Action Man In Motown Suit4:45LPStewart, Gouldman
9We've Hear It All Before3:35UK SingleStewart, Gouldman, Gold
10Overdraft In Overdrive3:22LPStewart, Gouldman
1124 Hours7:29single verStewart, Gouldman
12Oomachasaooma (Feel The Love)5:06
Stewart, Gouldman
13She Give Me Pain2:15B side of 45Stewart, Gouldman
14I'm Not In Love6:05Live 1977Gouldman, Stewart

LP = same as LP/album version.

76 pages booklet of Great Box
This 4CD boxed set was compiled by Hideyo Itoh
Many Thanks to Alan Betroc for his excellent articles on
very rare old 'The Rock Marketplace' and 'Zigzag'.

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copyright : Kazuo Nakajima 1998-99