10cc compilation
    Food For Thought

    released : 1993
    German CDKurussell 550 004-2
    Out of print.
    Some stores have stock.
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Track list : Credit
Very unique, nice compilation. This is not Greatest Hits album,
there is not "I'm Not In Love" and "The Things We Do For Love".
But including 45 single tracks "The Power Of Love" "We've Heard It All Before"
and 3 songs taken from album "Windows In The Jungle" 1983.
This CD is worth to have. Please check online shops.
i1999/01/16 update)

Track list
1Life Is A Minestrone4:25single edit1975Creme, Stewart
2Don't Hung Up6:15LP1976Godley, Creme
3Good Morning Judge2:52LP1977Stewart, Gouldman
4Last Night3:10LP1978Gouldman, Fenn
5One-Two-Five4:02Single edit1980Stewart, Gouldman
6We've Heard It All Before3:34UK Single1982Stewart, Gouldman, Gold
724 Hours7:25Single version1983Stewart, Gouldman
8Dreadlock Holiday4:59Long edit1978Stewart, Gouldman
9Rock'n'Roll Lullaby3:56LP1976Gouldman, Stewart
10Take These Chains2:35LP1978Stewart, Gouldman
11The Power Of Love4:08UK Single1982Stewart, Gouldman, Gold
12Survivor5:45LP1981Stewart, Gouldman
13Feel The Love5:06LP1983Stewart, Gouldman
14Food For Thought3:22Short edit1983Stewart, Gouldman

Total playing time 62:18

This compilation (C) 1993 Karussell Ltd.
Tracks licensed courtesy of Phonogram Ltd.(London).
Mastered by Gary Moore.
The Copyright in this sound recording is owned by Phonogram Ltd(London)
and is exclusively licensed to Karussell Ltd.
All songs published by St. Annes Music Ltd,
expect 6,11 published St. Annes Music Ltd/Sluggosongs.

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copyright : Kazuo Nakajima 1999