10cc compilation
    The Early Years
    released : 1993
    EEC CDDojo : EARL D12
    Out of print.
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Track : Singles
This CD is nice compilation, taken from 10cc's first 7 singles, A & B side.
Track 2/4/6/8/10/14, 6 songs are B side only : non-LP tracks.
1/3/5/7/9/11/13, all A-side tracks taken from album, not single version.

Track list
1Donna2:54 1972/08
UK #2
2Hot Sun Rock3:00B side of Donna
3Johnny Don't Do It3:351972/1210cc
44% Of Something3:59B side of Johnny Don't..
5Rubber Bullets5:15 1973/03
UK #1
6Waterfall3:41B side of Rubber Bullets
7The Dean And I3:02 1973/08
UK #10
8Bee In My Bonnet2:01B side of The Dean and I
9The Wall Street Shuffle3:51 1974/05
UK #10
Sheet Music
10Gismo My Way3:42B side of Wall St. Shuffle
11Silly Love3:57 1974/08
UK #24
Sheet Music
12The Sacro-Iliac2:30from Sheet Music
13The Worst Band In The World2:441974/01from Sheet Music
1418 Carat Man Of Means3:24B side of The Worst Band...

Total playing time 48:10

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copyright : Kazuo Nakajima 1998