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Creative Man : CMCD 010D

never released

Polydor : POCP-1348/9
inprint : reissue as Alive In Japan

Last Update 2002/10/22
Track list
11The Wall Street Shuffle4:49Stewart, Gouldman
2I'm Mandy, Fly Me5:48Stewart, Gouldman, Godley
3Good Morning Judge3:05Stewart, Gouldman
4Welcome To Paradise5:20
5The Things We Do For Love3:42
6Across The universe4:07Lennon, McCartney
7The Star Didn't Show4:45Stewart, Gouldman
8Art For Art's Sake8:05
9Paperback Writer3:56Lennon, McCartney
10Shine A Light In The Dark5:22Stewart, Gouldman
21Feel The Benefit14:25
2Dreadock Holiday6:05
3I'm Not In Love6:41
4 The Bullets Medley
a) Rubber Bullets
b) Silly Love
c) Life Is A Minestrone
7:40 a) Stewart, Creme
b) Godley, Creme, Gouldman
c) Stewart Creme
5Slow Down5:45Larry Williams

Disc 1: 49:41 / Disc 2: 40:41

Alive EP (Single CD)
Creative Man Discs: CMCDS 5101Across The Universe
2I'm Not In Love
3 Bullets Medley
a) Rubber Bullets
b) Silly Love
c) Life Is A Minestrone

The Musicians
Eric Stewart
Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Graham Gouldman
Vocals, Bass, Guitars
Rick Fenn
Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Stewart Tosh
Vocals, Percussion
Stephen Pigott
Gary Williams

Recording date and credit
Recorded live in Tokyo, at Mielparque Hall, Shiba-Koen (22, March, 1993) and
Gotanda Yu-Poet Hall (24, March, 1993).
Produced by Eric Stewart
Arrenged by 10cc
Mastered by Arun Chakravert at The Master Room, London.
Mixed Engineer : Danton Supple at Westside Studios, London.
Excutive Producers : Harvey Lisberg, Caruzo Fuller, Michael Duer.
Recorded by Tetsu Saitoh (Clockwise)
Management : Harvey Lisberg Associates
Coordinated By Jude Music Co., Ltd.
Promotion Support : Kirin Brewery Ltd. with Tachikawa Co., Lted., Parco Co., Ltd.
Concert Production(Japan) : Creative Man Production Co. Ltd.
Sleeve Artwork : Takaaki Numano
Live Photograph : Mark Jones
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Polydor POCP-1348/9
Creative Man CMCD 010D

Copyright : Akira & Kaz 1998-2002