TEN OUT OF 10 [UK verion]
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Mercury : 6359 048

Warner Bro : BSK 3575

Mercury : 25PP-18
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Track list
A1Don't Ask4:02Gouldman
2Overdraft In Overdrive3:22Stewart, Gouldman
3Don't Turn Me Away5:03Stewart
4Memories4:32Stewart, Gouldman
5Notell Hotel4:58Stewart, Gouldman
B1Les Nouveaux Richies5:12Stewart
2Action Man In A Motown Suit4:45Stewart, Gouldman
3Listen With Your Eyes3:09Stewart, Gouldman
4Lying Here With You3:23Gouldman
5Survivor5:49Stewart, Gouldman

British Singles from this album & 1982
Mercury TEN 10
Les Nouveaux RichesmixStewart
I Hate Eat Alone
Mercury MER 86
Don't Turn Me Away
Tomorrow's World Today*Gouldman
Mercury MER 95
The Power Of Love*Stewart, Gouldman, Gold
You're Coming Home Again**Stewart
Mercury MER 113
Runway*Stewart, Gouldman, Gold UK :
Action Man In Motown Suit
Stewart, Gouldman
Mercury MER 121
We've Heard It All Before*Stewart, Gouldman, Gold
Overdraft In Overdrive
Stewart, Gouldman
Non album tracks : 6

1) "Les Nouveaux Riches" is single mix. Vocal mixing (etc) differnt from LP version.
2) Single B side tracks is "You're Coming Home Again"**
3) *4 songs recorded for "Ten Out Of 10" USA LP, never released on UK LP.
"The Power Of Love" We've Heard It All Before" reissued on German CD "Food For Thought". etc.
"Runway" "Tomorrow's World Today" "You're Coming Home Again"reissued JPN CD"Great Box".

Personnel ; date from original LP liner bag
Don't Ask
Graham GouldmanLead Vocal, Bass, Electric Guitar, Backing Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
Eric StewartSynthesizer, 2nd Guitar solo, Backing Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
Paul BurgessDrums, Percussion
Rick FennLead Guitar, Electric Guitar
Marc JordanOrgan, Piano, Backing Vocal
Vic EmersonSynclavier (courtesy of Keyboard Hire, London)
Overdraft in Overdrive
Graham GouldmanLead Vocal, Bass, Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals, Percussion
Eric StewartPianos, Synthesizer, Lead Guitar, Backing Vocal, Percussion
Paul BurgessDrums
Don't Turn Me Away
Eric StewartLead Vocal, Backing Vocal, Piano, Guitar, Synthesizer Strings
Graham GouldmanBass, Backing Vocal, Rhythm Guitar
Paul BurgessDrums
Vic EmersonString Synthesizer
Lenni CrookesSax solos
Eric StewartLead Guitar, Electric Piano, Synthsizer, Grand Piano, Backing Vocal, Lead Guitar, Percussion
Graham GouldmanBass, Double Bass, Backing Vocal, Rhythm Guitar
Paul BurgessDrums
Notell Hotel
Eric StewartLead Vocal, Electric Piano, Synthesizer, Backing Vocal
Graham GouldmanBass, Electric Guitar, Backing Vocal
Paul BurgessDrums
Les Nouveaux Richies
Eric StewartLead Vocal, Backing Vocal, Lead Guitar, Synthesizer, Percussion
Graham GouldmanBass Guitar, Backing Vocal, Rhythm Guitar
Paul BurgessDrums
Action Man In Motown Suit
Graham GouldmanLead Vocal, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Backing Vocal
Eric Stewart2nd Lead Vocal, Electric Guitar, Backing Vocal
Paul BurgessDrums
Rick Fenn Electric Guitar, Fretless Bass, Acoustic Guitar,
Backing Vocal
Marc JordanElectric Piano, Organ
Listen With Your Eyes
Eric StewartLead Vocal, Guitar, Syhnths, Rock snare, Backing Vocal
Graham GouldmanBass Guitar, Backing Vocal, Sitar
Paul BurgessDrums
Lying Here with You
Eric StewartLead Vocal
Graham GouldmanAcoustic Guitar
Vic EmersonPiano, Synthesizer
Eric Stewart2nd Lead Guitar
Graham GouldmanLead vocal, Bass, Electric guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Lead Guitar
Simon PhillipsDrums
Vic EmersonSynthesizer, Electric Piano
Keith BesseyMaracas

Album Credit
Recorded at Strawberry Studio South, Dorking, England and Strawberry Studios North, Stockport, England.
Produced by Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman
*Engineered by Keith Bessey and Eric Stewart at Strawberry Studio South
@Engineered by Martin Lawrence and Chris Nigel at Strawberry Studio North.
Mixed at Strawberry Studio South by Keith Bessey on the Sony 1610 P.C.M. digital system.
Special Thanks to Steve Cooksey, Zeb White, Mark Cockburn, Colin Jones, Ric and Hervey, Angie,
that bloke in Outer Mongolia, and Ann and Gloria.
LP Mastered by Melvyn Abrahams, Strawberry Mastering, London, England in the Sony 1610 P.C.M. digital system.
Cover and Sleeve design by Visible Ink Ltd. Photograph by John Shaw.
All titles published by St. Annes Music Ltd.

released : 9/1980
Mercury 6359 048JPN LP25PP-18
German CD
Mercury 800 039-2JPN CDPHCR-6038

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