Bloody Tourist
released : 9/1978UK chart : #3 / US chart : #69
UK LPMercury 9102 503UK CDMercury 826 291-2
USA LPPolydor PD-1-6161USA CDnever released
Japan LPMercury RJ-7504Japan CDPPD-1100
UK Remastered : Mercury 534 975-2
JPN Remastered : Mercury PHCR-4418
UK and Japanese Remasterd CD available
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Track list Singles Personnel
Track list
A11Dreadlock Holiday4:29Stewart, Gouldman
22For You And I5:24
33Take These Chains2:40
44Shock On The Tube (Don't Want Love)3:45Stewart
55Last Night3:17Gouldman, Fenn
66The Anonymous Alcoholic5:48Stewart, Gouldman
B17Reds In My Bed4:11Stewart, Tosh
28Life Line3:28Gouldman
410Old Mister Time4:34Gouldman, Mackay
511From Rochdale To Ocho Rios3:46Gouldman
612 Everything You've Wanted To
Know About It!!! (Exclamation marks)
bonus13Nothing Can Move Me4:02Gouldman, Stewart

British Singles from this album
Mercury 6008 035
Dreadlock HolidayLP full length*Stewart, Gouldman UK : #1
US : #44
Nothing Can Move Menon album trackGouldman, Stewart
Mercury 6008 035
Reds In My BedLP full lengthStewart, Tosh
Take These ChainsLP full lengthStewart, Gouldman
Mercury 6008 043
I'm Not In LoveLP full lengthStewart, Gouldman
For You And ILP full lengthStewart, Gouldman

B side tracks : 1 / Single version : 2
1) B side track "Nothing Can Move Me" reissued on remasterd CD, etc.
2) Dreadlock Holiday : 3 edit.
    UK original 45 single and LP version : 4:29
    "Greatest Hits 1972-1978" version : 4:59 long version.
    US 45 single is short version : 3:55. Omitted "Don't like Jamaica".
3) For You And I released as single in US for movie "Moment by Moment".
This single version is 3:38 edit, reissued on US CD "The Singles".

Personnel ; date from original Lyric bag
Dreadlock HolidayGraham GouldmanLead Vocal, Bass, Electric guitar, Cabasa, Backing Vocals
Eric StewartElectric Piano, backing Vocals, Organ, Maraca
Rick FennElectric Guitar, Backing Vocals, Organ
Stuart ToshDrums, Backing Vocals, Tambourine
Duncan MackayYamaha CS80
Paul BurgessCow Bells, Congas, Marimba, Triangle, A Go Go Bells, Timbales
For You And IEric StewartLead Vocal, Electric Piano, Moog Trumpets, Polymoog Strings
Graham Gouldman6 String Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals, Electric Guitar
Rick FennMoog Solo, Backing Vocals, Electric Guitar
Stuart Toshbacking Vocals
Paul BurgessDrums, Concert Bass Drums
Take These ChainsEric Stewart Lead Vocal, Backing Vocals, Lead Guitar, Organ
Grand Piano, Electric Guitar, Slide Guitar
Graham GouldmanHarmony Vocals, Bass, Backing Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
Rick FennElectric Guitar, Backing Vocal, Polymoog
Stuart ToshDrums
Paul BurgessGlockenspiel, Tambourine
Shock On The Tube
(Don't Want Love)
Eric Stewart Lead Vocal, Electric Guitar, Lead Guitar, Grand Piano,
Backing Vocal
Graham GouldmanBass, Backing Vocal, Electric Guitar
Rick FennElectric Guitar, Backing Vocals
Stuart ToshSnare Drum, Backing Vocal
Duncan MackayYamaha CS80, Grand Piano, Violin, Backing Vocal
Paul BergessDrums
Last NightGraham GouldmanLead Vocal, Bass, Fuzz Bass, Electric Guitar
Eric StewartHarmony Vocal, Cow Bell, Maracas, Electric Guitar
Rick FennElectric Guitar
Stuart ToshDrums, Cow Bell, Jingle Bells
Duncan MackayElectric Piano, Grand Piano, Yamaha CS80
Paul BurgessDidn't Turn Up!
The Anonymous AlcoholicEric StewartLead Vocal, Slide Guitar, Backing Vocals, Electric Guitar
Graham GouldmanBass, Electric Guitar, backing Vocals
Rick Fenn Electric Guitar, Moog Brass, Sax, Backing Vocals,
Rick Fenn's Dorking Horns
Stuart ToshDrums, Backing Vocals, Trombone, Bongos, Disco Drums, Congas
Duncan MackayGrand Piano
Paul BurgessDisco Drums, Congas
Reds In My BedStuart Tosh Lead vocal, Drums, Cabasa, Tambourine, Military Snare Drum,
Backing Vocals
Graham GouldmanBass, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals
Eric StewartVocals, Backing Vocals, Piano, Electric Piano, Moog
Rick FennElectric Guitar, Backing Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Paul BurgessGlockenspiel, Military Snare Drums, Tambourine
Life LineGraham GouldmanLead Vocal, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals
Eric StewartLead Guitar, Moog, Fuzz Guitar, Backing Vocals, Electric Piano
Rick FennLead Guitar, Organ, Backing Vocals
Stuart ToshDrums, Backing Vocals
Paul BurgessTimbales, Roto-Toms, Triangle, Vibes
TokyoEric StewartLead Vocal, Backing Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
Graham GouldmanBass, Zither, Wind Chimes, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals
Rick FennAcoustic Guitar, Lead Guitar, Fretless Bass, Backing Vocals
Stuart ToshDrums, Backing Vocals
Duncan MackayYamaha CS80, Violin, Moog, Taurus Bass Pedals, Grand Piano
Paul BurgessWatched Aaain!
Old Mister TimeEric StewartLead Vocal, Backing Vocal, Electric Guitar
Graham GouldmanBass, Tambourine
Rick FennLead Guitar, Tambourine, Sax
Stuart ToshTambourine
Duncan MackayYamaha CS80, Violin, Grand Piano, Tambourine, Electric Piano
Paul BurgessDrums, Tambourine, Roto-Tomes
Kate Spath (Tony Spath's Smarter Sister) 'Cello
From Rochdale
to Ocho Rios
Grahm Gouldman Lead Vocal, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Backing Vocals,
Whistle, Harmony Vocals
Eric StewartLead Guitar, Harmony Vocals, Backing Vocals, M/C, Slide Guitar
Rick FennAcoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals, Percussion
Stuart ToshBacking Vocals, Percussion
Duncan Mackay Yamaha CS80, Organ, Percussion, Backing Vocals,
Grand Piano, Steel Drum Solo
Paul BurgessDrums, Percussion, Backing Vocal
Tony SpathBacking Vocal
Everything you Wanted
To Know About It!!!
(Exclamation marks)
Eric StewartLead Vocal, Fuzz Guitar, Grand Piano, Backing Vocals
Graham GouldmanBass, Electric Guitar
Rick FennLead Guitar, Electric Sax
Stuart Tosh"Shouted Encouragement!"
Duncan MackayYamaha CS80
Paul BurgessDrums, Triangle, Vibes

Recorded and Mixed at Strawberry Studio South, Dorking, Surrey, England.
Produced and written by Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman
Arrenged by 10cc.
Engineered by Eric Stewart, Keith Bessey and Tony Spath
Mixed and Re-mixed by Eric Stewart
LP Mastering Melvyn Abrahams at Strawberry Mastering Ltd, London, England
Special Thanks to Zeb White, Polly Bergess, Ric Dixon, Harvey Lisberg and The Lady who waited.

Cover design & Photos : Hipgnosis.
Graphics : George Hardie

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copyrightFKazuo Nakajima 1998