Original release

UK chart

# 3
US chart

# 31

Mercury : 9102 502

Mercury : SRM-1-3702

Mercury : RJ-7229

Last Update 2002/10/22
Track list
A11Good Morning Judge2:53Stewart, Gouldman
22The Things We Do For Love3:29
33Marriage Bureau Rendezvous4:04
44People In Love3:48
55Modern Man Blues5:35
B16Honeymoon With B Troop2:46
27I Bought A Flat Guitar Tutor1:48
38You've Got A Cold3:36
49 Feel The Benefit
1. Reminisce and Speculate
2. "A" Latin Break
3. Feel The Benefit
10Hot To Trot4:30Stewart, Gouldman
11Don't Squeeze Me Like Toothpaste3:39
12I'm So Laid Back, I'm Laid out3:46

Original LP 9 songs / 1997 Remastered CD + 2tracks
British Singles from this album
6008 022
AThe Things We Do For LoveStewart, Gouldman UK : #6
US : #5
BHot To Trot
6008 025
AGood Morning Judge
UK : #5
US : #69
BDon't Squeeze Me Like Toothpaste
6008 028
APeople In Love
US : #40
BI'm So Laid Back I'm Laid Out
B side tracks : 3

B side tracks, "Hot To Trot" "Don't Squeeze Me Like Toothpaste""I'm So Laid Back I'm Laid Out"
reissued on remastered CD as bonus tracks.

Personnel ; date from original LP liner bag
1Good Morning JudgeEricLead vocal, Lead guitar, Piano, Moog, Backing vocals, Slide guitar
GrahamBass guitar, Lead guitar, Electric guitar, Tambourine, Backing vocals, 6 strings bass
PaulDrums, Tambourine, Wah piano, Cabasa
2The Things We Do For LoveEricLead vocal, Lead guitar, Backing vocals, Piano, Organ
GrahamBass guitar, Electric guitar, Hand Claps, Backing vocals, Acoustic guitar, Tambourine
PaulDrums, Tambourine, hand claps, Gong
3Marriage Bureau RendezvousGrahamLead vocal, Bass guitar, Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar, Backing vocals
EricElectric piano, Phase guitar, Slide guitar, Organ, Lead guitar, Backing vocals
PaulDrums, Piano stool, Conga, Triangle
4People In LoveEricLead vocal, Slide guitar, Piano, Lead guitar
GrahamBass guitar, Acoustic guitars, Electric guitar, Harmony vocals
PaulDrums, Tambourine, Bell Tree, Roto Toms
Del Newman - Arranged and conducted the strings
5Modern Man BluesGrahamLead vocal, Bass guitar, Electric guitars, Dobro, Organ, Backing vocal
EricLead vocal, Lead guitar, Piano, Slide guitar, Backing vocals
Tony Spath - Oboe
6Honeymoon With B TroopGrahamLead Vocal, Bass guitar, Electric guitars, Triangle, Backing vocals
EricLead guitar, Electric pianos, Piano, Organ, Backing vocals
PaulDrums, Wood block, Cabasa, Vibes
7I Bought A Flat Guitar TutorEricLead vocal, Lead guitar, Whistle
GrahamBass guitar, Fuzz bass, Electric guitar, Guiro, Backing vocal
Tony Spash - Piano
8You've Got A ColdEricLead vocal, Lead guitar, Piano, Backing vocals, Marracus
GrahamBass guitar, Fuzz bass, Electric guitar, Guiro, Backing vocal
PaulDrums, A Go-Go bells
Jean Roussel - Electric piano, Organ
9Feel The BenefitEricLead vocal, Lead guitar, Piano, Electric piano, Moog, Backing vocals, Electric guitars, Maracas
GrahamLead Vocal, Lead guitar, Bass guitar, Acoustic guitar, 12 string guitar, Autoharp, Backing vocals, Electric guitar
PaulDrums, Tambourine, Congas, Claves, Cabasa
Del Newman - Arrenged and conducted the strings and brass

Credit from album cover
Recorded at Strawberry Studio (South).
Produced and written by Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman
Engineered, mixed, and final reduction by Eric Stewart
Assisted by Tony Spath
LP Mastering by Melvyn Abrahams
All Instruments played by Paul Burgess, Graham Gouldman, and Eric Stewart
expect where indicated.

All titles published St. Annes Music Ltd.
Kennedy House, 2 Swinbourne Grove, Withngton, Manchester M20 9PP.
Del Newman arranged and conducted the strings and brass
on "People In Love" and "Feel The Benefit".
Thanks to all at Threshold Studios.
A special thanks to Fred Coombe, John Timms and Charlie Pile.

Sleeve design by Hipgnosis.
Sleeve graphics by Colin Elgie.
Photo retouching by Richard Manning.
Photography of the group and diver by Hipgnosis.
Liner bag graphics : George Hardie.
Thanks to Siebe Gorman and Co. Ltd and Bill for their help with the diving suits.

Mercury 9102 502UK CD
Mercury 836 648-2
Mercury SRM-1-3702USA CDMercury 836-948-2
Mercury RJ-7229JPN CDMercury 23PD-114
UK Remastered : Mercury 534 975-2
JPN Remastered : Mercury PHCR-4418

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